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Dream Defender, Knight Flyers Book 2

People are dying in Twisted Pines, Colorado. Soul sucking mares have infested Elizabeth Lawson’s hometown killing people in their dreams. On top of that, a mare marked her when he couldn’t eat her soul turning her into a magnet for every mare in town. She must find a way to close the gateway to the dream dimension to stop the mares from killing everyone in town and herself.

After seizing her chance to take her rightful place at Knights, Inc. on prom night, Liz trains to become a Knight Flyer – a defender of dreams. Now the cards are stacked against Liz and her friends as the head of Knights Inc. hinders her training and forces her to face the mares on her own. While someone from her boyfriend’s past is determined to get rid of Liz by any means necessary.

Liz and her friends will have to keep a low profile and their eyes open for danger if they have any hope of surviving.

Knight Flyers Book 1

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If you fall asleep within a twenty-mile radius of Twisted Pines without a dreamcatcher, chances are you’ll never wake up. The locals call it the sleeping death, doctors usually call it altitude-induced cardiac arrest, but it doesn’t matter, it’s still a one-way ticket to the afterlife.

Liz Lawson always slept under a dreamcatcher. She even had one hanging from the rearview mirror of her Jeep, just to be on the safe side. She had no idea where it ended up the night she hit the moose, but for the first time she didn’t need it. Shawn Ericson, a gorgeous stranger, saved Liz from the monster trying to kill her in her dream, and changed her life forever.

Shawn said Liz wouldn’t remember the dream, but Liz always remembered hers. When Liz found out Shawn was a Knight Flyer and part of a super-secret group whose mission was to save people from the monsters plaguing their dreams, she wanted to know why he kept invading her dreams and why she was the only non-knight who remembers them.

The last few months of her junior year of high school are anything but boring as Liz battles the monsters in her dreams, learns she isn’t a typical sixteen-year-old, and deals with high school drama.

This series has been rated PG-13 by Ann McCune, due to graphic violence, and clean young love.

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